Scholarship in USA for Nepalese Students

May 5, 2022

Choosing the ideal study location is as crucial as selecting the appropriate course and university, especially in developing countries like Nepal. The United States is one of the most popular studying abroad locations for Nepali students. It has long been thought to be the best place for students to start their lives following graduation.

It's no secret that higher education in the United States is one of the most costly, but don't let that stop you; there are hundreds of methods to fund your education here.
If you are a Nepali student, you will not be eligible for monies intended for US citizens. 

The number of foreign scholarships for Nepalese students in the United States has increased as institutions in the United States emphasize internationalization. If you plan ahead of time and apply for several scholarships offered by American institutions and universities before the deadlines, studying in the United States may be affordable.

In the United States of America, obtaining a bachelor's or master's degree is costly. 
However, there are numerous master's scholarships available in the United States for Nepalese students, which cut the course fee by a significant amount and assist them in funding their studies.

According to a 2017 Open Doors report, Nepal has the fastest increase among the top 25 sending countries, with over 11,000 enrolled students.

According to data given by the Nepal Foreign Educational Department in 2019, the United States accepted roughly 1400 Nepalese students in 2019, and the students received numerous scholarships from the United States government.

Nepalese students can apply for a Foreign Fulbright Student Program scholarship in the United States

This scholarship program is aimed to provide complete funding for higher education in the United States (master's or doctoral degree). Aside from that, the grant will be given to anyone pursuing non-degree postgraduate courses.

Under this scholarship program, some applicants may be eligible to receive complete tuition, textbooks, flights, and health insurance while studying in the United States.

Nepalese students can apply for a Humphrey Fellowship Program scholarship in the United States

This fellowship is awarded to seasoned professionals with leadership potential and a commitment to public service.

This program, which is granted for a year, covers all expenses. You are not given the option of selecting a university; instead, you are assigned to the most appropriate host institution based on your talents and interests.

S.No Government Scholarship for Nepalese Students in the USA Scholarship Details 
1. Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program

•This Fulbright program aims to bring an outstanding young or mid-career professional from a developing country to the United States for ten months to study non-degree graduate coursework and relevant practical experience.

•Long-Term English (LTE) language instruction is a new feature of this program. It is available only to a minority, rural, or non-elite groups who lack the necessary language skills but succeed in their field.

•LTE members undergo a 20-25 week rigorous pre-academic program to strengthen their language abilities.

•This program covers tuition, a monthly maintenance stipend, living expenses, flights, and professional fees such as field excursions.

2. Foreign Fulbright Student Program Scholarship    

•This scholarship is accessible to international students applying to master's or doctoral programs; it covers tuition, accident and sickness insurance, airfare, and living expenses in compliance with US standards.

•If you are pursuing a PhD, you will get a monthly stipend to assist you in paying for your studies. 
On the other hand, other degrees of education may have different funding and duration.

•It exclusively provides J-1 visa assistance.


The Next Gen Scholarship in the USA for Nepalese Students

This $1,000 scholarship for higher education in the United States is open to overseas students who intend to study in Maryland, Washington, or Virginia.

To be eligible for this award, you must have a minimum 3.0-grade point average (GPA).

American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship in the USA for Nepalese Students

This prize is given to a student who excels academically and has the potential to make a significant impact on society. After receiving a scholarship, you can pursue your degree in either the United States or Nepal.

The scholarship is worth around $4,000 every year.

What are the Scholarships for Nepalese Students in the USA?

Here are some of the available scholarships for Nepalese Students in the USA

  1. Montana State University International Undergraduate Scholarship in the USA

  2. Joseph Frasca Excellence in Aviation Scholarships

  3. International Admission Scholarship University of Buffalo

  4. Global Scholarships University of Illinois 2022

  5. Saint John University Scholarship in the USA

  6. Argonne Scholarship NorthWestern University

  7. Suny Cortland International Student Award

  8. Chicago Public School Scholarships 2022

  9. Berea College International Scholarships

  10. HKBU School of Business International Postgraduate Scholarships 2022

  11. Kettering University International Scholarships 2022

  12. University of Maine International Dean’s Scholarship

  13. Franklin Institute Bower Award in Science

  14. American College of Surgeon International Scholarships

  15. Ryan Fellowships Northwestern University 2022

  16. University Research Postdoctoral Fellowships USA

  17. University of Oregon ICSP Scholarships USA

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